When Glamour Seemed Possible

Re-edited to pick up typos

A Whole Life

copyright 2015 by Raunig-Graham

In another time frame, I might have been known to some, not many, but to a few, probably my mother, maybe my father, or likely one of my sisters, as a clotheshorse. Not that I had a lot of stunning, fashionable outfits. But clothes, including  —  in Nancy Drew parlance — frocks, I did like.   Seeing myself now at age 71 in some of those long ago ensembles brings a new smile.

There I am in a Navy blue velvet, the one with the big lace collar, in my kindergarten class picture. It wasn’t my favorite in those days. There  were two summer dresses in voile, each with an organdy redingote, one in tomato red over a white sundress with red polka dots, the other in lavender over a flowered fabric: the little girl ensembles remain favorites 60 some years later. They were hand-me-downs, but…

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